TripAdvisor – Top 25 Travelers’ Choice World Destinations


TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site, announced the winners of its Travelers’ Choice awards for Destinations. The sixth annual awards honour nearly 500 destinations including the winners for the top spots in the world, and individual lists for Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, Canada, the U.K, the U.S and more.



Figures in brackets show changes from last year.

1. Istanbul, Turkey (+11)
2. Rome, Italy (+2)
3. London, England (0)
4. Beijing, China (+17)
5. Prague, Czech Republic (+4)
6. Marrakech, Morocco (+13)
7. Paris, France (-6)
8. Hanoi, Vietnam (New)
9. Siem Reap, Cambodia (+14)
10. Shanghai, China (+12)
11. Berlin, Germany (0)
12. New York City, New York (-10)
13. Florence, Italy (-5)
14. Buenos Aires, Argentina (+4)
15. Barcelona, Spain (-10)
16. St. Petersburg, Russia (+4)
17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (New)
18. Chicago, Illinois (-4)
19. Cape Town, South Africa (-3)
20. Bangkok, Thailand (-7)
21. Budapest, Hungary (New)
22. Sydney, Australia (-12)
23. Lisbon, Portugal (New)
24. Chiang Mai, Thailand (0)
25. San Francisco, California (-18)

Australian Escapes

Australians spend more than AU$51 billion on domestic travel every year.

Australia - Straya

Latest figures from Tourism Australia suggest Aussies are taking short breaks instead of long holidays and focussing on making the most of a destination.

So, if you’re strapped for time, travelling with a family, needing a beach break, looking for a different food scene or a bit of culture, where should you go this year?

Here’s a list of Australian weekend escapes to help you plan your next escape.

  • Best for families – Byron Bay, New South Wales
  • Best for food – Darwin, Northern Territory
  • Best for a weekend break – Adelaide Wine Region, South Australia
  • Best for an unusual island experience – Bruny Island, Tasmania
  • Best for an indulgent escape – Daylesford Spa Country, Victoria
  • Best for a cultural fix – Canberra, ACT
  • Best for the great outdoors – The Kimberley, Western Australia
  • Best for a beach break – Noosa & the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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2014 Insider’s Guide To The Best Of Duty Free

Where to shop and where to avoid.

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Wherever and however you travel there’s likely to be tax free opportunities but are they all good value?

Whether it’s designer clothes, jewelry, perfumes, watches, the latest electronic gadgets or duty free cigarettes and alcohol the 2014 taxfreetravel guide shows you the best places to shop and where to avoid.

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Cliff Chapman
Great travel deals around the world

How To Bargain Fairly

Bargaining is a two way process and it’s important that both sides feel they have done well from the bargain.


Don’t try to screw every penny out of the deal. A dollar to you is trivial but is more important to the seller. Accept that they will try to rip you off but that’s part of the game. If you don’t want to play the game, just walk away, or better still, avoid the place altogether.


Never make the first offer, always get the seller to state their price first.

Don’t buy the first time round. Shop around to get an idea of the going prices. It will send a message to the seller that you might buy from someone else, and it will make your bargaining easier.

To get the best price just walk away. Tell the seller you like it but it’s too expensive. You’ll find the price goes down more the nearer you are to leaving. The seller needs to sell more than you need to buy.

And remember it’s their way of life and they have to make a living. So join in and enjoy yourself. You can always walk away.

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Cliff Chapman

How To Leave A Group On Linkedin

Maybe you’ve decidided that a group you belong to isn’t right for you any more and you want to leave.

Linkedin doesn’t make it easy, until you know how.

Linkedin 1
1.  Go to the LinkedIn sign in page and login using the email address and password associated with your account.

2.  Click the “Interests” tab at the top of the screen and click on “Groups”. You will be taken directly to the “Your Groups”.

3.  Click the group that you want to leave from under the “Your Groups”. You will be taken to the groups LinkedIn page.

4.  Click the “More…” tab at the top of the group page, and select the “Your Settings” option.

5.  Click the “Leave Group” button in the bottom right corner to complete the process.

Outdoor Adventures In Alaska


Alaska sounds cold to most of us. But in the short summer time between June and August Alaska offers almost 24 hours of sunlight. Plenty of time to enjoy an abundance of animals, blooming flours, stunning mountain sceneries while the peaks are covered in snow but the valleys are pleasantly warm. Alaska is an outdoor heaven as there is more wilderness, backcountry trails and mountains to hike you could think of!
Here is my TOP 5 for travelling Alaska:



You might have heard about the cruise lines that travel to Alaska every year providing hundreds of people at a time an opportunity to see glaciers and mainly sea life with seven course meals. Not your style? Overlanding has become synonymous with places like Africa. But now it’s time that North America with places like Alaska and Western Canada is providing these adventurous and off-the-beaten path style of trips to cater for a different style of travelling.

Camping in the Wilderness

Camping 1

Have you ever slept out under the stars or in a place that everywhere you look has no roads and is surrounded by mountains, rivers and glaciers? This experience should not be missed. The Denali Highway is a perfect launching point for such an adventure! It’s time to venture through the bush and hop over creeks while being carefully watched by the local caribou. Take a boat upstream towards the Maclaren Glacier. This hike leads to a great vantage point to view the Maclaren glacier and eat wild blueberries. The following morning you’ll take a picturesque 2-hour canoe trip casually paddling your way back to a rustic lodge.

Ice Climbing and Glacier Hikes

Ice Climbing

Ever watch one of those films on extreme mountaineering and wondered if you could handle such an adventure? Well, here’s your introduction to the task. Wrangell/St. Elias is largest national park in North America and home to 9 of the 16 highest peaks. Climbing on the Root Glacier is all about technique and fun. Your guide will teach you about the 3-anchor system and the figure-8 knot that will keep you safe. A full day walking the glacier and climbing with your fellow adventurers will allow you to tick off a few boxes on your bucket list.

Sea Kayaking around Icebergs


The fairly casual and moderately strenuous activity of sea kayaking can take you many places other types of craft cannot. With a full day ahead of you, visiting and exploring the massive icebergs of the calving Columbia Glacier is hard to pass up. With a 2-hour wildlife spotting boat ride there and back, you spend the other six hours paddling, photographing, and gawking at the enormity of these turquoise Titanic-sinking pieces of frozen water.

Spotting Wildlife

Grizzly Bear

The animals in Alaska have a quite small window of opportunity to prepare themselves for the upcoming winter. You’ll see a bear eating on hundreds of thousands of berries, a beaver working hard to collect plants and stabilize their dams and lodges, salmon building up their fat reserves, or even an arctic ground squirrel scurrying around collecting nuts and fruit for their den. These animals can be seen on an overland adventure all day and night. Sometimes they’ll even make an appearance at camp to check out what’s for dinner. Well, usually they stay at a safe distance showing respect. If wildlife is something you get excited thinking about sitting in you recliner, then Alaska needs to be on your to do list!

Bio Natalie


Left Germany end of 2010 to backpack West Africa. After feeling the freedom of the road applied for a tour leading job and since then has been driving overland trucks from Cairo to Capetown and Rio de Janeiro to Quito. After remodeling an old school bus into an ultimate overland vehicle and starting her on adventure company together with Dave (who she met travelling and working in Africa) Natalie is on the road again: This time to enjoy the beauty and wilderness of Alaska with like-minded people.

If you’d like to join Natalie and Dave visit their website …
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