*** Is Your Website Down? – How Do You Know? ***

*** Is Your Website Down? – How Do You Know? ***

Do you know when visitors to your website or blog see this?

404 Error: File Not Found
The URL you requested was not found

You have invested time and money in your website and it must work for you.

  • But what if it isn’t there?
  • What if nobody can find it?
  • And how do you know when it’s down?

When our previous website stopped delivering the traffic we expected we carried out a lot of tests to discover why and it was only when we installed Uptime Robot we found the hosting server kept dropping out, sometimes for hours at a time, due to testing they were doing which had nothing to do with us.

Uptime Robot pinged our website every few minutes and sent us an email whenever our site went down and another email when it came back up so we knew how often and for how long our site was down.

Your hosting company isn’t likely to tell you they’re not providing the service you expect, and pay for, so getting an alert when your website is down is very much in your own interest so you can do something about it.

The sad truth is that if visitors see your website is down, they most likely won’t visit you again, and worse, may well spread the word your site was down when they visited.

We highly recommend installing  Uptime Robot – and it’s free.

It takes just a few minutes to set up and immediately gives you the comfort of knowing how reliable your website is.

Cliff & Alison

PS. We installed our new Traveljunkies website in January using a different host and Uptime Robot is now showing 100% availability.

One thought on “*** Is Your Website Down? – How Do You Know? ***

  1. Highly recommend this. Great way to keep an eye on your hosting and you only get notified if there’s an outage so you’re not flooded with emails. Poor service providers hate this – and it’s free.

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