Why it’s women who make swimming pools dirty.

Why it’s women who make swimming pools dirty.

What do you mean I’m dirty?

Girl in pool

A survey of over 1000 swimming pools back in 2006 found that the biggest pollutants is the stuff women put on their bodies to make them the beautiful creatures they are.
Yep it’s the oil that floats on the top of the water.
So much for stories of little boys peeing in the pool.

Earlier pools were designed with a wall around them with a few openings at water level to allow the water to be re-cycled. The main drain was at the bottom of the deepest part of the pool. This dealt with dirt at the bottom of the pool but what about the film of oil on top of the water?

Most modern pools are now built in the Infinity style where the water runs over the top edges of the pool into the drains. This deals with the problem of the oil lying on top of the water, because as we know, oil floats on water.

But where does this oil come from?

In the survey, it was found that 83% of the oil came from cosmetics, body lotions, make up and hair sprays.
And whereas when men shower before taking the plunge most of their body gets washed, or at least wet, women wearing one-piece costumes expose little of their body to get washed so bikini wearing girls are much cleaner, but it’s rare for any of them to shower their face and hair.

So it’s not little boys, or even old boys peeing in the pool that make it dirty, it’s those nicely made-up, sweet smelling ladies who are the real culprits.

Thank goodness for Infinty pools.
We can all now rest assured that the problem caused by “dirty women” has been solved once and for all.

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