*** Your Blog ***

*** Your Blog ***

If you don’t have a Blog that’s another story for another time,

If you do have a Blog then you’ll know it can be a lot of work and take a lot of time maintaining it.

We’ve all heard “Content is King” and this suggests you must continually add content but …

Here’s what Derek Halpern, the Founder of Social Triggers has to say …

“Much of the “common sense” wisdom that “experts” share about building a readership is, at best, flawed and, at worst, flat out wrong.
As an example, has anyone ever told you that…
“The secret to building a blog readership is by regularly updating your blog with engaging content each week!”
That couldn’t be MORE WRONG.
The 80/20 Rule for building a Blog audience is 20% Creation and 80% Promotion”
You see, many of these “experts” who dish out flawed advice fall into one of two categories. 3
They are either: –
A) Experts who built their readership back in the day, back when there was almost no competition. Back when it was EASY to build a readership. –
B) Experts who are trying to “fake it til they make it” by sharing tips and tricks that they “think” are right, but they’re not quite sure.
That’s why their advice stinks. They don’t know what they’re doing in TODAY’s overcrowded marketplace.”

If you are serious about using your blog to get more business I highly recommend Derek Halpern’s free ebook
“How To Get Your First 5,000 Subscribers”

Get your free copy here https://socialtriggers.com


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