*** Forgot Your Password? ***

*** Forgot Your Password? ***

Do you want an easy way to remember your passwords?

Our second tip is a tool we use to manage our passwords.

How frustrating when you need to access a website or use a service you’ve signed up to only to find the password you thought was correct isn’t the right one. This frequently happens when you need to do smething quickly and time is a constraint.
And even more infuriating when you’ve tried a few other passwords and access is then locked.

Well all this can be a thing of the past due to a great service called Dashlane.

Once set up you only have to remember your Dashlane password and the rest is simple.

Click here to go to Dashlane and download the free version. Once you start using it you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

Cliff & Alison
If nobody knows about you, how do you get new customers?
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